Homeowner Resources

Please contact the City of Columbia for crimes, electrical outages, graffiti, junk, noise, pot holes, sidewalk repair/maintenance, storm drainage problems, etc.

Contact Diversified Management Co. for any of the following items and much more:

077b1babc06447ccbb186bf390565bb3.jpg  FAQs - Documents, Financial, General HOA and other valuable information.

463e1a88b147361538b2e3643dea000c.jpg  Architectural Request - Some architectural improvements require HOA or Board approval. Fences, sheds, additions, expansions/improvements of decks/patios, playground structures, gazebos, pergolas, gardens, landscaping, paved walkways, etc. are possible examples of projects that may require approval.

67335baa40bfa68fba89fc4689f74002.jpg  Contact Diversified Management Co. - We look forward to serving you.

Homeowners can access extensive association information such as financials, calendar, and a neighborhood directory through the web portal.  If you need assistance, please contact management at 573-445-2050.